Types of Poker Hands

Steve Wilson

1. ROYAL FLUSH: AKQJ10, all in the same suit

2. STRAIGHT FLUSH: Consecutive ranks, all in the same suit. Not a royal flush

3. 4 OF A KIND: 4 cards in the same rank

4. FULL HOUSE: 3 cards in one rank, 2 cards in another

5. FLUSH: All 5 cards of the same suit. Not a straight or royal flush

6. STRAIGHT: Consecutive ranks. Not a flush

7. 3 OF A KIND: 3 cards in the same rank. The other two cards in different ranks

8. 2 PAIR: 2 cards in one rank, 2 other cards in another rank. The 5th card of a different rank yet

9. 1 PAIR: 2 Cards of the same rank. All other cards of different ranks.

10. NOTHING: None of the above.