5. Linda worked 2 and 2/3 hours on Monday, 5 and 3/4 hours on Tuesday, and 3 and 5/8 hours on Wednesday, amd 2 and 3/5 hours on Thursday. How many hours did she work those four days?


This is addition of fractions.



Find common denominators for all the fractions. First break up all the denominators into products of primes.



We see that the most factors of 2 in any one denominator is 3, and one factor of 3 and one factor of 5 is the highest number of factors of 3 and 5 we see in any one denominator. So the LCD is 2x2x2x3x5 = 120. Fill in the missing factors in all the denominators.



Now that we have common denominators, we can add the numerators. 80 + 90+ 75 + 72 = 317




Since we are working with mixed numbers in this problem, we should change the improper fraction to a mixed number



Put the 77/120 in the fraction's place in the answer and carry the 2 to the whole number's place.




Now add the whole numbers