Math 35

Quiz 11

Dr. Wilson

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1. Simplify

2. Solve for   x   and check.

3. Solve the following system of equations by

and check your answer


4. Linda drove to Eureka. She drove 240 miles. On the way back, she was having car troubles and she had to drive 20 mi/hr slower. If it took her 2 hours longer to get back, how fast was she driving on the trip there, and on the trip back?

5. Linda drove to Red Bluff. She drove 215 total miles. Part of the way she drove through the mountains where she could only average 50 mi/hr., and the rest of the way she drove on the Interstate through the valley where she was able to average 65 mi/hr. The trip took her 4 hours. How long was she driving through the mountains, and how long was she on the Interstate?