Math 35

Quiz 13

Dr. Wilson

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1. Subtract

2. Solve for   x   and check.

3. Solve the following system of equations by

and check your answer


4. Linda drove to King City which is 210 miles away. For the first 30 miles she got stuck in traffic, but after that the traffic was fine. Fortunately, the time she spent on the open road was 2 hours more than the time she was stuck in traffic. If her average speed on the open road was twice as fast as her speed in traffic, how long was she stuck in traffic?


5. Simplify

6. a) Express using radicals


b) Express using fractional exponents


7. Graph

y = x2 - 6x - 7


8. Expand

(a + b)5

9. Compute


10. Write out the first 9 rows of Pascal's triangle.