22. Sallie Jo was mixing up a cheesecake. This time she had a different recipe which said that she needed 2 packages of cream cheese to go with 9 eggs. Unfortunately, she only had 7 eggs. How much cream cheese should she use if she adjusts the recipe to use 7 eggs?



This time the picture looks like




We can see that we will be using 7/9 of 2 pounds of creamcheese or 14/9 which becvomes 1 and 5/9 when we turn it into a mixed number.


This problem can be done using the A = RB technique. Evidently the proper rate of creamcheese to eggs is 2 pounds to 9 eggs or 2/9 pounds per egg. See the 2/9 of a pound which is associated with each egg. Then we multiply the 2/9 pound per egg by 7 eggs and get 14/9 pounds of creamcheese. This could also be done using ratio and proportion.



Fraction Word Problems #22