Math 45

Sample 1st Midterm

Problem 1

Method 1

Dr. Wilson

1. Simplify

Method 1. Subtract the fractions on top and bottom to get simple fractions before inverting and multiplying

To subtract fractions, you need common denominators. Since the denominators on both the top and bottom do not have any common factors, their product is the smallest common denomintor. Multiply the top and bottom of each fraction by the denominator from the other fraction in both the top and bottom.

Now that we have common denominators for both of the fractions on both the top and bottom, we subtract the tops. Subtract means remove parentheses and combine like terms.

Combine like terms in the two tops.

We can now factor the two tops.

You can cancel either before or after inverting and multiplying. If you cancel before you invert and multiply, cancel the factors which would cancel if you inverted and multiplied.

The answer is