Robert Worth
Director of Choral Music
Sonoma State University

Robert Worth
Professor of Music
Phone: 707-664-2218
Office Hours: Mon 1:00-2:30
Wed 11:00-12:00 by appointment
Office: Ives 2

Bob Worth is choral director and Professor of Music at Sonoma State University. He is a graduate of the department, having earned a BA degree in 1980. He then earned an MA in musicology from UC Berkeley, somehow discovering along the way that musicology was not his calling in life. Fortunately, he simultaneously stumbled upon what proved to be his future as a musician: directing choirs. He was hired in 1983 at his alma mater, and is now in his 21st year of teaching.

Bob directs three choral ensembles at SSU, including the SSU Chorus, the Sonoma County Bach Choir, and the Chamber Singers. The groups perform each semester, in addition to tours of such places as Italy, Mexico, and Germany. The two auditioned groups focus especially on music of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

After many years of working with the Santa Rosa Symphony and its director, Jeffrey Kahane, on choral productions, Bob was named choral director of the Symphony in 2002. He is in charge of the Honor Choir, which is assembled as needed for each project, using singers from SSU ensembles, from local high schools, and from the community at large.

In addition, Bob is in charge of the ear training program at SSU. He conceives of this pursuit as one of the most important things he does, and believes that the development of the musical ear (in all its forms) is the most important single activity for a musician.


Ear Training I (MUS 120): Spring

Ear Training II (MUS 121): Fall

Ear Training III (MUS 220): Spring

Ear Training IV (MUS 320): Fall

Chamber Singers (MUS 323): Every semester

Sonoma County Bach Choir (MUS 324): Every semester

SSU Chorus (MUS 325): Every semester