Spring 2012, Math 165, Elementary Applied Statistics

Section 1, Disc 2679, TuTh: 1 -2:50 p.m. Darwin 37
Section 7, Disc 3463, MW: 10 -11:50 a.m. Darwin 31
Section 8, Disc 3464, MW: 4 - 5:50 p.m., Darwin 37


Dr. Ai-Chu Wu, wu@sonoma.edu, (707) 664-4117 x3.

Office Hours:


Darwin 114M, TuTh: 10 - 10:40 am, MW:2-3 p.m. I will always be there for you.
If this time doesnŐt work for you, make an appointment for a different time.

Values: Trust, Teamwork, Quality, Fun

We trust that we will all do our best.
TEAM = Together each achieves more.
We strive for highest quality.
We try to have fun as we learn.
Everyone contributes to a positive learning environment.


PhD, Population Ecology, Statistics focus, UI Chicago
Master of Public Health, Biostatistics, UC Berkeley
Postdoctoral Fellow, Biostatistics, UC Berkeley


Lecturer, Sonoma State University, MATH 35, 45, 107, 131, 165, 250, 265, 367.
Founder and Consultant, Ai-Chu Wu, Ph. D.
Statistical Consulting
Quality Program Manager, HP/Agilent
Senior Quality and Statistical Consultant, HP/Agilent



Develop and practice self-learning, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills.

Practice the five steps of statistics: 1) identify the question asked, 2) collect the data needed, 3) analyze the data, 4) draw the conclusion, and 5) present the results.

Apply statistical thinking and these tools in the real world.




Intermediate Algebra, including equations and inequalities, functions, curves, and areas.


Required Textbook:


Stats: Data and Models, by Richard D. De Veaux, Paul F. Velleman, and David E. Bock (2008), 2nd ed., Pearson Education, Inc.

Get a used book as soon as possible.  It is also on reserve in the SSU library.  Preview the chapter and identify your questions before each lecture.


Lecture and Homework Schedule: Click


Required Calculator:

TI83 (or plus) or TI84 (or plus) for all class examples.


Format for every class:


Review – pop quizzes, questions and answers.

Lecture - key points, examples, and applications.

Practice - individual and team show and tell.

Expectations: before, during, and after every class.


Preview textbook and try homework exercises before lecture.

Arrive on time and pay 100% attention.

Turn off cell phones, earphones and other distracting devices.

Speak up whenever you have suggestions or questions.

Be responsible for materials covered in every class.

Form a study group to think, show, and tell statistics.

Use technology: TI calculator, Moodle, and the textbook CD.

Use help: Free one-on-one SSU tutor and my office hours.



Participation = 10%, Quizzes = 20%, Three Midterm Exams = 50%, Final Exam = 20%.


           A = 90.0 %, B+ = 87.0 %, B = 80%, C+ = 77.0 %, C= 70.0 %, D+ = 67.0 %, D = 60.0 %, F = below 60.0 %.



Be sure you can take the common, cumulative Math 165 final exam on May 10 before adding this class. All exams are closed-book tests. There will be no makeup for any exam or quiz.  However, I drop two lowest quizzes and use your final exam score to replace the lowest midterm exam (if your final is better).

Other Resources  

Web Resources:

Moodle: syllabus, lecture highlights and slides, homework guidelines, etc.

Fun Applets


Library Resources: On reserve under Professor Wu.


TI Calculator Manual

Decisions Through Data Video

GE Requirements:

This course fulfills one General Education (GE) requirement. See GE Mission and objectives at http://www.sonoma.edu/senate/gefuture/.

University Policies:


Special Needs:

Please let me know in the first class for any special needs.


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