craig dawson

Craig Dawson, Director of Energy / Environmental Health and Safety, SSU

Contact: (707) 664-2932;; website

Area of Water Expertise: Regulatory knowledge related to Copeland Creek channel activities. Experience managing restoration projects in the creek channel. Knowledgeable about the influence that Sonoma State University activities has on creek flows.

Water-Related ResponsibilitiesOversight responsibility for campus drinking water, reclaimed water, and stormwater programs. Primary campus liaison for agencies such as Fish & Game, North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, Army Corps of Engineers as related to the campus environment and Copeland Creek. Responsibility for maintaining minimum hydraulic capacity in the portion of Copeland Creek the flows across the SSU campus to avoid flooding.

Water-Related Community Connections: I am a member of the the Rohnert Park Watershed/ Creek Master Planning Committee Member and serve on SSU's Copeland Creek Advisory Committee

christopher dinno

Christopher Dinno, Senior Director for Facilities Management and Capital Planning, Design and Construction, SSU

Contact: (707) 664-2870;; website

Area of Water Expertise: facilties planning

Water-Related Responsibilities:I oversee and have stewardship responsibilities for the physical plant campus-wide and the University's Preserves, which is a comprehensive portfolio. I am in charge and accountable for all aspects of the development, sustainability, and operations and maintenance programs for Sonoma State University. Additional responsibilities include, acting campus Deputy Building Official and Building Coordinator duties. I am responsible for developing policy and providing operational direction for the campus-wide capital planning, design and construction five year capital outlay planning process, master planning, design, and construction, management oversight of all campus buildings, sustainability programs, and energy utilities management for Sonoma State University, its auxiliary organizations and Preserves. In all of these responsibilties I seek to conserve resources and create sustainable practices.

Water-Related Community Connections: I interact with many agencies and organizations to fulfill permitting needs on campus.I have also been fortunate enough to work with many prominent architectural firms in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and Sonoma County in my career. Each of these experiences has provided me with a broad, diverse base and comprehensive understanding of senior level architectural design, facilities management, construction contract administration, and managerial experiences.

Carol Ingerman, Director of Campus Planning, SSU

Contact: Phone: (707) 664-2893,, no website

Water-Related ResponsibilitiesI facilitate and organize SSU’s Copeland Creek Advisory Committee.

claudia luke

Claudia Luke, Director Center for Environmental Inquiry, SSU

Contact: 707-536-8915;; website

Area of Water Expertise: management-academic collaborations (habitat connectivity, fire management, coastal grassland restoration), environmental permitting, place-based education, protected lands management

Water-Related Responsibilities: As Director of the Center for Environmental Inquiry, I develop programs that encourage research and educational activities in watersheds surrounding our Preserves: Fairfield Osborn Preserve - Laguna de Santa Rosa Watershed; Los Guilicos Preserve - Sonoma Creek Watershed, and Galbreath Wildlands Preserve - Navarro River Watershed.

Water-Related Community Connections: WATERS Collaborative Coordinator, Board Member Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation, Founding Member of SEEC (Sonoma Environmental Education Collaborative), Participant North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative

sam youney

Sam Youney, Director of Landscaping, SSU

Contact: (707) 664-2103;; no website

Area of Water Expertise: irrigation

Water-Related Responsibilities: I am in charge of overseeing the irrigation of campus landscaping, including the use of reclaimed and domestic water for landscaping purposes.

Water-Related Community Connections: I am a member of PAPA (the Pesticide Applicators Professional Association) and attend seminars with PAPA, the San Francisco Water Quality Control Board, and the Agricultural Consultant Association on how to keep pesticides from getting into our water resources.

mike thompsonMike Thompson, Assistant General Manager - Business Operations, SCWA

Contact: 707-521-1863;; website

Area of Water Expertise: flood control channel development and restoration

Water-Related Responsibilities: Mr. Thompson has helped guide the transformation of Sonoma County’s flood control channels into living streams over the past 15 years. He has also helped lead development of the Sonoma County Youth Ecology Corps, which employs at-risk teenagers and young adults to undertake environmental projects.

Water-Related Community Connections: WATERS Collaborative Lead for SCWA, Sonoma County Youth Ecology Corps