Volunteers, Interns and Student Assistants

The WATERS Collaborative seeks to engage students and community members in all aspects of watershed management projects - from planning and adminstration to field work and analysis. Please contact us if you are interested in working on WATERS projects - either as part of one of our ongoing programs or in your specific area of interest. Here are just a few ways to work with us:

Internship Training Program: The SSU's Preserves Land Management Training program students and volunteers in land management field techniques in watershed management and invasive species. During a Spring 4-week Land Management Training Program, students and community members learn field techniques and work on regional projects at Pepperwood Preserve, UC Davis Bodega Marine Reserve, Goldridge Resource Conservation District, and Center for Environmental Inquiry' Fairfield Osborn Preserve. Water is a common theme throughout the program. Contact us!

Join Our Field Crews: We are looking for volunteers who would like to work with our Land Managers on weekend watershed management projects. Volunteer field crews learn and undertake a variety of tasks under the guidance of our field crew leaders, project faculty, and staff. Contact us!

Desk Jockey With Us: Do you have computer or organizational skills? We need help with websites, websearches, and information gathering, . Contact us!


karen tillinghast

Stephanie Parreira, WATERS Student Assistant, SSU

Stephanie worked with us as a Student Assistant on the WATERS Collaborative. She majored in Environmental Studies (Conservation and Restoration), and is now a graduate student at Oregon State University.