Event closed April 10, 2013, the Cooperage
SCURF (Society and Culture Undergraduate Research Forum)

Richard Senghas, advisor. Presented annually by the SSU Anthropology Club, the 5th annual SCURF took Water Works as its theme. Modeled afer a professional academic conference, the SCURF included such papers as Diego Rocha's paper "Mayan Water Management and Cosmology: Bridging Material Culture and Ideology."


Exhibitions & Activities

April 4 - May 11, University Library Lobby
Do you live in a watershed? Of course you do! Go to or see the display in the main 2nd floor entry to the University Library. A fascinating series of 10 1-minute web documentaries that perfectly capture each viewer's personal relationship to the watershed she or he lives in. By special arrangement with KRCB/North Bay Public Media.



April 24-May 2, Environmental Technology Center
Featuring a hayride and a magical tour by the creek that runs through our campus, this interview-based ensemble piece, created with the Acting Block of the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance, explores the voices of the Creek’s waters, of creation itself, and how they flow in, through, and out of our lives. Copeland Creek begins its course on Mount Sonoma and runs down the mountain through the Sonoma campus on its way to the Laguna de Santa Rosa and the sea. How has the Creek shaped their lives, and how do our lives shape the Creek?





Recent Events

MAKE A SPLASH EVENT + The Great Divide
On Nov 7, 2012, Water Works held its Make a Splash! event. Student, staff, and faculty attendees enjoyed a pre-show panel and reception before the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance's performance of The Great Divide, a contemporary play about "fracking," or hydraulic fracturing. Provost Andrew Rogerson spoke, highlighting the importance of Water Works for Sonoma State.


Alexis Boutin, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
"As faculty co-advisor for the Society and Culture Undergraduate Research Forum (SCURF), we are excited to provide a venue where students can present their original research on how water occupies the nexus of social life, environmental resources, and cultural traditions."


Posters by Kurt Kemp
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Mounted, framed and signed first editions of the original "Water Works" poster art is on display in the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance office, 206 Ives Hall, and is available for purchase.

Please contact Jenny Juhl at for details.

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