SSU Web Standards - How the Footer Works

These pages about SSU's Web Standards are specific to sites on our legacy web server, If you are looking for information about our web redesign and Drupal, please visit Website Redesign.

The footer content is a separate file called "footer.html." It is inserted into the page as a Server Side Include. It contains the these elements:

  • Seawolf image,
  • Department contact information,
  • Last updated date,
  • University's website feedback form link,
  • Plugins download link,
  • Links to CSU, COPLAC and College Portrait.

Many of the elements in the footer are mandated by SSU's Web Standards Policy. Do not remove any elements without first consulting with the Web Team.

Sites may replace the Seawolf image with a department-specific image or logo.

The last updated date is controlled by a server side include, so website editors will not need to manually add a date to the page.

Changes to Make

When building a new SSU website, make the following changes to the department's footer.html.

  1. Replace "Department Name" with the name of your School, Division, Department or Program.
  2. Link "Contact" to your department's Contact page. Do not use a mailto link for "Contact" (linking to an email address).
  3. Replace the " ####" phone extension with your department's main phone exention.
  4. Replace "Building RM #" with the name of the location of your department's main office.