SSU Web Standards - Design Exemption Procedure

Departments may apply for an exemption from SSU's web design (look and feel). Sites that have a design exemption must still meet the SSU Web Standards Minimum Requirements.
  1. Before developing the site's design, an application for exemption must be sent to the Web Advisory Committee. Send email to and Include the following:
    1. Provide a description of the site.
      1. Who is the intended audience?
      2. What type of content will the site contain?
      3. How large will the site be?
      4. How many different types of pages will it have?
      5. Is there additional functionality (beyond static content)?
      6. What is the timeframe for developing and publishing the site?
    2. Provide a reason or explanation – Why is the design exemption needed? Why does the site need a different design?
      1. Do the University templates lack functionality for the site?
      2. Does the site require a separate identity (such as for the outside public)?
      3. Is there an external affiliation that requires use of templates other than the University’s?
      4. Will the site be hosted on a server that does not provide an option to use SSU templates, or develop a theme/skin that conforms to SSU's design?
    3. Provide a mockup (wire frame or Photoshop comp.) of the proposed design. It should not be a "final" design. Include colors (hexadecimal or RGB values), logos or other style elements representative of the design.
  2. The Web Advisory Committee will review the design exemption request. The requesting department's project lead will be invited to present the proposed design to the Web Advisory Committee and answer questions about the proposed design. The Web Advisory Committee may have changes they suggest or require, and may request a follow-up design for review.
    1. If approved:
      1. The requesting department will build the site, keeping the Web Advisory Committee updated on the status of the site and any significant changes to the design.
      2. The requesting department will submit the site to the Web Team to review the site for compliance with SSU Web Standards Minimum requirements. This should happen early in the coding of the site, and again before publishing the site. Failure to get this review in the early stages of design may result in significant changes to the code (for accessibility) and costly delays.
    2. If denied:
      1. The requesting department may use SSU's Web Templates, or may submit a new exemption request.