SSU Web Standards - Relevant Identity Standards

This page is still in development. Some content is not yet posted, some may be changed at a later date.

SSU Websites not using the SSU Web Templates must still conform the standards as described in SSU's Identity Toolkit.

The SSU Identity Standards are developed and maintained by University Affairs Division.

Some parts of the SSU Identity Standards are more applicable to print, products and other physical media. Standards that are applicable to SSU websites are described below.

SSU Logo

The SSU logo should always be top left. It should be bigger than any other logos on the page. The color must be as it appears in the SSU Web Templates, or as described on Identity Standards University Seal, Marks and Logos. Changing the color of the logo is not allowed.

SSU Mascot

The Seawolf Mascot is the default image in the footer. A small Seawolf Paw image is also available for use with the Notice styles. Permission to use the Seawolf Mascot images in other areas of SSU websites must be obtained from the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. They will offer guidance on which mark to use, and when. Contact Brandon Bronzon:; x4-2358.

SSU Seal

The SSU Seal may not be used on SSU websites without permission from University Affairs Division. Email


In addition to the colors described at Identity Standards University Colors, the colors used on this Web Standards site are approved and recommended for use on SSU web sites.

  • SSU Banner Blue is  #143b87
  • SSU lighter blue #8db9e5
  • Also see the background colors available with the Notice styles.


  • The preferred font for content and heading text is: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif