Frequently Asked Questions

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You should complete this form (with your advisor) before the deadline for the semester you wish to graduate in (current deadline is available online). The form will be “evaluated” by the university and you will receive feedback on the classes you need to complete in order to graduate as well as whether there are any loose ends (e.g., transfer credits, incompletes in courses, WEPT, etc.) that need attention. You should check your ARR (Academic Requirement Report) carefully to ensure that you are on track for graduation, a guide on How to read your Academic Requirement Report has been created to do this.

Yes. However, the course is worth only 3 units toward the total of 120 units required for graduation. For example, while WGS 350 counts toward both the major and GE; it still only amounts to 3 units of credit toward the 120 unit graduation requirement.

As part of the 44 unit requirement in WGS you must complete 15 units in any other major or minor on campus. We call these 15 units a disciplinary concentration. With careful planning, it is often possible to pursue a minor or double major in the field of your disciplinary concentration.

Yes. WGS will allow you to “double count” your disciplinary concentration units with the requirements for a double major. However, be aware that you must have 24 units in each major that do not count for the other major. You are responsible for finding advising in both departments. WGS faculty can only advise you on the WGS major.

How can this be? You need to complete 120 units to receive a degree at SSU. The WGS major is 44 units and the GE requirements are between 48-51 units – a total of 92-95 units. This means that you will need to complete additional units (in a double major, a minor, or any other classes that interest you – perhaps prerequisites for graduate school) in order to achieve the 120 unit minimum.

Typically students begin in their junior year, although you may begin at any time. You may take your 4 units in different semesters and different sites (e.g. 2 units in fall at the D.A.’s office and 2 units in spring at the homeless shelter).

You will have to wait until the fall to take that course. WGS is a small department and some of our courses are offered only in the fall (WGS 425) or spring (WGS 485 and WGS 390). Pay close attention to this when planning your coursework.

You have been assigned an advisor according to your last name.

WGS Majors and Minors

  • Charlene Tung: last names beginning A-H
  • Lena McQuade: last names beginning I-P
  • Don Romesburg: last names beginning Q-Z

Queer Studies Minors

  • Don Romesburg

Women's Health Minors (aka Career Minor in Women's Health)

  • Lena McQuade

You can talk to your WGS advisor, review your degree progress on-line, look over the campus catalog, learn about the WEPT or the general education requirements.

The university will communicate with you through this address.

In addition, WGS maintains a listserv for announcements, internships and other school matters and you may be subscribed through your e-mail address.