Goals and Objectives

Women's and Gender Studies prepares students for a variety of employment opportunities and for professional and graduate education in a number of fields. The required internship, and the ability to integrate a minor into the major or facilitate a double major, permits students to build their academic credentials and acquire career-specific skills and expertise.

The Women's & Gender Studies Department, through its Women's & Gender Studies minor, and Queer Studies minor has the following objectives:

  • To train students to meet the demands of an increasingly ethnically and gender-diverse workplace;
  • To offer courses that document women's lives, the lives of people across gender spectrums, and critically examine gender ideologies;
  • To provide understanding about, and help bridge differences between women men, and gender-expansive people across race, ethnicity, social class, age, sexual preference, etc.
  • To provide a model for interdisciplinary teaching, pedagogical experimentation, and the development of teaching skills;
  • To generate and disseminate new research on women and gender issues;
  • To work with other university and community gender-based organizations to effect social change that will mean greater equality, freedom, and fuller lives for all people; and
  • To provide students with internship opportunities in university, community, and business organizations focused on serving women or advocating gender equity and justice.

Women's & Gender Studies prepares students for the way the world is and the way the world is becoming by helping students examine alternative institutional arrangements that will help them succed in an increasingly diverse workplace and the combination of work and family responsibilities. Women's and Gender Studies graduates hold tools--knowledge, self-awareness, critical thinking skills, research training, writing skills and breadth of perspective--that public service organizations, the media, private industry, government, and graduate schools want and need.

The Women's and Gender Studies major and minor are excellent preparation for students going into teaching, counseling, social work, public relations, public policy, and management; students going on for advanced degrees in a variety of fields, including law and medicine; students seeking advocacy work in political action organizations; and students pursuing a wide variety of other career options.