Test Scanning for Fall 2012 – Improvements and Changes


For your convenience and quick turnaround, a self-service scanner is located in the Faculty Center, Library Schulz 1125. Hours M-Th 9-6 and Fri 9-5. The scanner takes:

  • Form 882-E (green half sheet 100 answers); available at SSU Bookstore or Zinfandel Marketplace
  • Form 9700 Item Analysis; located in the Faculty Center.
  • Form SC982-E (blue sheet 100 answers); available at SSU Bookstore or Zinfandel Marketplace.
  • For assistance:
    • Contact Martha Ezell or Tim Hensel in the Faculty Center.
    • Scanning website (Note: Will link once you approve website above)
    • Manual (Located in the Faculty Center)
  • Benefits
    • Ease of Use
    • No more waiting; grades and reports instantly available.
    • One stop shopping.
    • Flexible Faculty Center hours
    • Excel Reports (comparable to IT test reports) using Form SC982-E only.

Darwin Self Service Stand-Alone Scanner

  • Available in Darwin 105B (copy room); takes Form 882-E (green half sheet) only. For assistance, contact Cory Oates, Science & Technology, X42171.

IT Scanning News

  • Effective Fall 2012, IT Test Scanning turnaround time for the 200 Answer Score Sheet will be 2 working days with results sent by email only.
  • Note: To save time, you can process your own tests within minutes on the New Self Service Stand-Alone Scanner
  • Due to limited resources, no more hard copy results will be generated.
  • When submitting more than one test version (Form A-D), a key is required for EACH version.
  • More than one test version (Form A-D) can be included in one test packet. No need to fill out separate request forms or sort tests by version.
  • Test version (Form A-D) must be bubbled in on ALL tests, including the key(s).
  • Test packets missing any required data on the 200 Answer Score Sheet will not be scanned. The Instructor will be notified to make correction(s).
  • The updated Scanning Request Form can be found at the scanning website: http://www.sonoma.edu/it/helpdesk/self-service-scanning.html