Sonoma State University Welcomes Genevieve Sullivan

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"I love how engaged the students are. Its just amazing to me how many students participate in community service," says Sullivan. "I think a lot of it has to do with the student population, but also the very hard work the people before me put in to this program to help grow it."

Sullivan joined the Associated Students staff in July and is quickly falling in love with her position at JUMP. She came to Sonoma State after recently receiving her Masters in higher education at the University of Denver. While there she worked towards the development of a student-run volunteer service program on campus, including on-going service projects at several area non-profit organizations.

"I think the JUMP program is fantastic, its exactly what I was trying to start at the University of Denver, but instead of trying to plant the seeds there, here is this full-grown organization," Sullivan says.

While at the University of Denver, Sullivan was also worked with greek life, advising executive council members, working with the InterFraternity Council (IFC) recruitment and philanthropy and community service.

Before her life in Denver, Sullivan worked for several years planning large-scale volunteer projects in Chicago for companies looking to give back to their community. "I worked for an organization called Chicago Cares," Sullivan says. "What I did was help plan large-scale volunteer projects for companies to help support the over 200 ongoing projects that individuals could participate in Chicago a month."

Working with thousands of volunteers and hundreds of community partners, Sullivan confirmed her love for working with volunteers and service. Through her work with Chicago Cares, she decided to go back into higher education. "I liked that idea of teaching others, giving other people experiences that Higher Education, working with college students again was something that came up again for me."

Sullivan says her interest in community service really started at the University of Mary Washington where she received her Bachelors of Arts in geography and worked with the student-run volunteer organization Community Outreach and Resources (COAR).

Her first time living in California, Sullivan is embracing the lifestyle and is trying activities that get her outdoors such as gardening and hiking. But overall she loves interacting with others, "I just like being out and meeting people, so I think anything that has a social aspect to it is going to be fun," says Sullivan.

Sullivan would like students who have never tried volunteering before to come into the JUMP office. "I think that's also what's really great is that there are a lot of projects that you can kind of test out, you can just come once and see if you like it, and if you don't, try something different," says Sullivan.

To learn more about JUMP, visit or call x4-2815.