Jeffrey Reeder

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"I have been involved with the Spanish Language AP program for 18 years, including serving for six years as a member and then as chair of the committee that creates the exam itself," Reeder said. "It's a great honor to be chosen to lead a wonderful group of over a thousand talented and dedicated university faculty and high school teachers."

Each of the AP subjects (there are 34 in all) has one Chief Reader who takes part in the exam design and oversees the exam scoring. The Spanish Language AP exam is one of the College Board's largest exams, with over 130,000 high school students taking the test at thousands of high schools worldwide.

Reeder realizes that although this is a great opportunity for him, it is also a great responsibility to oversee the Spanish AP exam, especially since the exam will be undergoing a significant redesign beginning in 2014.

"I am already finding out that there are so many details to attend to and so many things to keep track of," Reeder said. "Still, it's a great opportunity for me to be able to have a lasting impact on the profession and to grow professionally."

This year, Reeder will be shadowing the current Chief Reader to learn more about the position and as of July 2013 he will begin his four-year term working with the College Board.

Reeder has been on the Sonoma State University Faculty since 1998, and has taught all levels of Spanish, supervised student teachers and been a department chair. He is currently the graduate advisor for the Spanish MA program and has received in his career several teaching awards, including the California Language Teachers' Association "Outstanding Teacher Award" in 2006.

Reeder can be seen biking, skating, or occasionally riding a motorcycle to campus from his Santa Rosa home. He will do "anything to spend as much time as possible outdoors, regardless of the weather."