Cushman Honored with international journal editorship

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Dr. Hall Cushman, Professor of Biology at Sonoma State University, has recently been appointed Chief Editor of AoB PLANTS (, an international journal published by Oxford University Press. Established in 2009, this non-profit journal publishes peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of basic and applied plant biology, with a growing focus on environmental biology - including ecology, evolution, conservation biology and global change biology.

AoB PLANTS is one of a growing number of peer-reviewed journals that is published online only. In addition, this publication is an open-access journal, where articles are available online to anyone, anywhere free of charge (no personal or institutional subscriptions are necessary to view articles).

Dr. Cushman has been on the faculty at Sonoma State since 1994 and in 2010 received the Goldstein Award for Excellence in Scholarship. His research focuses on ecology, with particular emphasis on invasive, non-native species and plant-herbivore interactions. His research has been published widely in peer-reviewed journals and has been supported by numerous external grants.