How to Jump in to Water Works for Spring

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Looking for a theme or event for your club or course? Secretly dying to liven up your syllabus? Want to have more fun in general?

Welcome to Water Works, two semesters of academics, exhibitions, and performances about inland water flow as a resource, image, and metaphor. This interdisciplinary, cross-campus initiative for Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 has already inspired partners from Science & Technology, Social Sciences, the Rec Center, Field Stations & Nature Preserves, the Library, the Sonoma Film Institute and Arts & Humanities. Check it out at

How can you get involved?

1. If you’re leading a club or teaching a class with any water-related content: paste this faucet into your flyer or syllabus. The faucet image is one of the great unifying elements of Water Works – we hope to have it all over campus throughout the year. Downloadable image files at

2. Send us an event or course description at the e-mail addresses below and we’ll post it on the website.

3. Bring a group, club, or class to a Water Works performance. Numerous performanc­es examine the science, politics, and symbolism of water. For classes, our on-line study guides prepare your lesson for you, with pre-selected readings and discussion questions. Student experts can visit your group to dis­cuss performances.

4. Join a pre-show panel for a play. If you have expertise in a water-related subject, we have pre-show panels with experts to talk to the audience. If you’re interested in being part of one, let us know.

5. Tell people. If you know someone who wants to jump in the pool, have them contact us.

6. Host a guest lecturer or bring a group, club, or class to a Water Works lecture or symposium. Science 121 “Sustainability in My World” and other classes are opening their doors to share lectures on water and watershed related topics. The May 3, Copeland Creek Watershed Symposium is an opportunity to hear from students themselves about their work on Copeland Creek this year.

7. Write a one-page play for one show only on on March 13 at 7:30 p.m. in Ives 119. Admission is free. Up to 30 one-page plays about water will be presented – from metaphor to science, myth to the economy, in styles ranging from drama to comedy; horror to romance — and everything in between. Writers are encouraged to choose their own topics and styles pick the style and the topic, but the theme is WATER! Selected scripts will be read live by skilled actors. Fabulous prizes, including the “Provost’s Prize” for the audience’s favorite play will be awarded based on real-time voting. 1-Page play guidelines are at

In a time of budget madness, Water Works wants to capitalize on SSU’s unique ability to cross-pollinate and share ideas, creativity, and resources across campus. It’s all about collaboration and sustainability.

To get involved, contact Paul Draper ( or Scott Horstein ( at the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance, which is coordinating the Water Works effort.