$100,000 for Green Music Center Academic Integration Proposals

The Green Music Center Board of Advisors has recommended, and President Armiñana has allocated, $100,000 (from GMC donor funds and ticket sales) for calendar year 2013 to fund projects that will build and showcase academic interaction with the GMC in novel and exciting ways. The scope of projects is deliberately broad to allow for creative proposals that go beyond using the GMC as a standard lecture theatre.

The overriding goal is to fund proposals that demonstrate tangible connections between the academic program and the GMC. An open and competitive process requesting submissions from tenured and tenure-track faculty resulted in 11 proposals, six of which have been funded for 2013 by the University Affairs sub-committee (co-chaired by Dr. Ben Ford, professor of mathematics and Ms. Karen Paniagua, Student Body President) of the Green Music Center Board of Advisors.

The 2013 projects are:

Proposer: Dr. Armand Gillinsky
Department: Business
Title: Creative Arts and Digital Media Entrepreneurship

Summary: As a non-business degree-seeking student, participants will be exposed to the interconnections between entrepreneurship and their chosen field of study. The certificate in Creative Arts and Digital Media Business is a program designed to create corresponding learning and recognition opportunities for students seeking specific knowledge of how to apply their creative talents and innovation leadership skills. Students learn how to gain access to resources; launch, grow and harvest their venture; and present their venture to judges.

Proposers: Dr. Jack Ou and Dr. Farid Farahmand
Department: Engineering
Title: Music, the Digital Way

Summary: Digital signal processing (DSP) is widely used in everyday life. Yet many students are afraid of learning DSP because they are afraid of math. With this proposal, we seek funding to develop two sets of hands-on activities that will enhance students’ understanding of Digital Signal Processing through music and concert hall acoustics.

Proposer: Dr. Brian Wilson
Department: Music
Title: Sound Studio Upgrade

Summary: To renovate and upgrade the Sound Engineering Studio (Walford Studio) in Ives Hall 32 in order to teach recording skills to a wide spectrum of students and to support live recordings of Weill Hall concerts.

Proposer: Ms. Kristen Daley, Mr. Tony Bish, Dr. Jack Ou and Dr. Farid Farahmand
Department: SSU Preserves
Title: Preserves Soundscape Project

Summary: The Preserve Soundscape Project engages biology, engineering, and performing arts students and faculty to interpret soundscapes of the SSU’s Preserves through performances in the world-class acoustic environments of the Green Music Center. This project brings together students and faculty from across disciplines to explore technical, biological and artistic interpretation of this theme. Objectives are to: create an inter-disciplinary cross-course project that engages SSU students and faculty with world-class acoustics of Weill Hall, showcase the SSU Preserves and increase awareness and understanding of natural soundscapes, and teach students, K-12 and community members about changing soundscapes in Sonoma County.

Proposer: Ms. Kristen Daley
Department: Theater/Dance
Title: Oakland School for the Arts Collaboration

Summary: This is an outreach proposal to create collaboration between the Oakland School for the Arts (K-12) and Sonoma State University’s Department of Theatre Arts and Dance Department. As a magnet school, OSA is devoted to intensive pre-professional training in the arts within a college-preparatory curriculum. The arts programs at OSA include theatre, dance, music literary arts and visual arts, aligning with the per4forming arts and other creative programs at SSU. Additionally by partnering with an ethnically and racially diverse charter school, this proposal responds directly to the complex issues involved with recruiting a diverse group of students to SSU.

Proposer: Dr. Brigitte Lahme and Dr. Jeremy Qualls
Department: Mathematics
Title: Academic Integration STEM Symposium

Summary: This proposal seeks to host a transformative experience for SSU students in the form of a culminating symposium to highlight SSU’s commitment to STEM education and the successful Waterworks cross-campus theme. The symposium also includes projects with the Waters collaborative, an organization formed between the Sonoma Water Agency and the campus and supported financially by the Sonoma Water Agency. In true conference style, this symposium will have 1) a motivational keynote speaker, 2) lobby poster sessions and exhibits, and 3) oral presentations by freshmen (STEM-FYE, Science 121). Hosting the event at the GMC would allow the inclusion of student groups who are currently working on research projects in STEM areas, part of the WATERS collaborative, and WaterWorks (which includes many academic programs including anthropology, art, dance, and theater).