Celebrate with Second Release for Sonoma State Cellars

The second release of Sonoma State Cellars, a hands-on, MBA-level, wine business course that teaches students the ins and outs of running a wine business, is a cause for celebration.

This year, Stephen Sterling, owner of Esterlina Vineyards and Everett Ridge (and a Wine Business Institute Board member), has taught the students with lessons in the classroom and through field visits to leading North Coast wine operations.

With the bonded winery partner, Kokomo Winery, the students are applying their lessons in how to market and sell a current release.

The campus community is invited to the release party from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday, April 20 at Kokomo Winery, located at beautiful Timbercrest Farms in Dry Creek Valley. Kokomo will be selling a 2011 Dry Creek Valley Cuvee at the party.

Learn about the class, the students and the wine at http://www.sonoma.edu/sonomastatecellars.