“Universal Design for Learning” Offers Best Practices
for Use of Technology in Classroom

Dr. Sandra AyalaThe more technology progresses, the more professors tend to incorporate the use of it into their classrooms.

“Universal Design for Learning” is a training opportunity designed to address this issue and promote inclusive classroom instruction and accessible course materials. The training is open to all faculty members on April 18 from noon to 1 p.m. in Salazar 2022.

Presented by Dr. Sandra M. Ayala from the School of Education, the training aims to address diversity in the classroom.

Partnered with technology it is a model for good teaching that acknowledges and addresses the diversity evident in today's modern classrooms, including students of different ages and life experiences, genders, ethnicities, language backgrounds, learning styles and abilities.

This presentation will offer faculty an opportunity to consider Universal Design and Assistive Technology as a way to expand current classroom instructional practices to reach all students - those without disabilities, those with obvious disabilities and those with non-apparent disabilities.