Library's Digital Exhibit Brings Waterways to Life

Continuing the "Water Works" theme, the Sonoma State University Library has announced its Water Works Digital Exhibit, part of the campus-wide effort to draw attention to and celebrate North Bay waterways.

The online exhibit of images, documents, and media about North Bay waterways features four collections: Sonoma State University Waterways; Springs, Wetlands, & Geysers; Creeks & Rivers; and Coastal Waters. it can be found at

The exhibit highlights the work of North Bay environmental activists, the history of resorts and their development around waterways, and the natural history of our creeks, rivers, geysers, and lakes.

Key among the exhibit's features are images and an audio presentation about Copeland Creek as it runs through Sonoma State's Fairfield Osborn Preserve. Students in the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance visited the Preserve in preparation for their interview-based ensemble piece, The Copeland Creek Project.

Students, staff and faculty can browse the online exhibit and enjoy its contents. Note that there is also a "Contribute an item" link on each page, and contributions are encouraged.

The University Library staff looks forward to expanding the exhibit's content and making it a permanent part of our archive of campus creative endeavors as well as of the history of North Bay waterways.

For more information, contact Lynn Prime at (707) 664-4025 or by email at