Bruce Peterson Retiring in May

Bruce Peterson, Associate Director of Equal Opportunity Program and Testing Services, has announced his retirement in May from SSU after a long career on campus that began in 1987.

Peterson started at SSU in 1987 as a psychometrist (testing specialist) and has worked as a test officer, academic advisor, career advisor and equal opportunity advisor.

During his time at SSU, he helped start the Educational Mentoring Program, taught the first non-EOP section of Freshman Seminar in 1995, the first section of Foundations of Leadership in 1998. He also served on the Academic Senate for 12 years, and was the Chief Steward for Unit 4 for five years.

Prior to coming to SSU he worked as a marriage and family therapist for ten years and also taught at Santa Rosa Junior College during that time.

Both he and his wife, Cindy are retiring at the same time They plan on “sleeping in, reading the paper in the morning, having a glass of wine in the afternoon, and spending lots more time together.”