Steven Anderson

In his 32 years at Sonoma State University, Steve has always demonstrated his commitment to the University and its core values. He constantly goes beyond his normal duties by making suggestions to faculty or fixing equipment to improve the teaching experience; and he makes incredible efforts at outreach to the community by participating in community-oriented science fairs as well as Seawolf Day, and assisting at Public Viewing Nights at the Observatory. He is an expert in so many areas; electronics, lasers, optics, nuclear materials, computers, and he is able to provide demonstrations to the students in all of these fields.

One of Steve’s key accomplishments was designing and building housing for the Liquid Nitrogen supply used by departments in the School of Science and Technology as well as the Student Health Center.

He now maintains this LN supply which the university might not have had access to if it were not for Steve; an act that has saved money for the departments and the University.

Finally, he assisted in a space hardware project which was part of a partnership between students of SSU and Morehead State University in Kentucky to build and launch an object into space. The success of this project will give students more opportunities to build real space hardware in the future.

This is just a short list of some of the projects that Steve has been involved in and brought to fruition. Most of them are far outside his normal job responsibilities, but they do so much to enhance the educational experiences for the students, staff, and community, at a level far above normal expectations.