John Müller

John has spent his career as a Library Assistant at Sonoma State University operating the Multimedia Services desk in the Library. He is one of those special people who receives numerous accolades from faculty for the indispensable support of their teaching. He always goes beyond the call of duty, and he does so with generosity, humor, and grace. He has been described as not only a true source of information for faculty and students, but also one of those approachable and congenial colleagues who helps make work easier and enjoyable; he has an enthusiasm and love for movies that he brings to work every day and infects those of us lucky to be around him. He goes well beyond the requirements by taking the extra time assist in tracking down hard to find references, find answers to difficult film related questions, and even bringing a patron samples of his own personal archives of Pixar films, documentaries and information to assist her in preparing for an interview with the company. She got the job and John was invited to tour the Pixar facility.

He is well respected by his library colleagues as well; both staff and faculty, and many a student has produced a much better research project under John’s tutelage. He independently solves complex technical issues that arise routinely with media, such as incompatibility between U.S. and international media formats that require translation which faculty may be unaware of. He is truly an exemplary employee; an individual who is competent, responsible, and unfailingly gracious. He consistently reaches beyond his job, his normal work hours, and his job description, for the sole benefit of the University. He is described as an ambassador for the University and its mission, with his tireless efforts to help our campus community.