Staff Appreciation Day Wrap-Up

A Message from Employee Services:

As we wrap-up another Staff Appreciation Day, we would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the success of the day. The day was especially successful due to the generous assistance of our on-campus supporters and volunteers. Visit the Staff Appreciation Day website at to view the complete list of our volunteers and supporters.

We hope that the events and activities were an enjoyable break from your daily activities. To help us plan for next year, we are asking for your feedback. Your feedback is very much appreciated!

Photo Contest: Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for My Favorite Photo on My “iPhone” photo contest. View the winning photos online at and scroll down. Stop by the HR/Payroll/CMS suite in Administration and Finance, Salazar 2078, anytime through the month of June to have a second look or to see them for the first time.

Photos with Lobo: All of the event photos can be viewed on Shutterfly at We encourage you to find your photo with Lobo and feel free to download or order the print.

Thank you once again for your participation!