Our Language Community

Dear Campus Community Members,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to a new initiative of the President’s Diversity Council called the Our Language Community. Moving towards creating a more welcoming campus climate, a database has been set up in a Moodle site to gather information about SSU campus community members who speak languages other than English. This is an opt-in activity and by adding your information to the database you may be contacted by other campus community members for your language skills. All interactions via this database will be bound by campus policies of privacy and mandatory reporting. SSU will not verify the language capability of users of this database.

All faculty, staff, and administrators are welcome to participate. We will invite students to participate when they return in the Fall.

How could this database be used?

Here are some ideas:

  • Create language communities
  • Find someone who speaks your language
  • Studying or travelling abroad? Find someone from the country you will visit.
  • Find a language learning buddy
  • View the awesome amount of languages spoken on this campus
  • Find an interpreter or translator (note - they can say no and could charge you) - search on the professional competency field
  • Find a tutor
  • Post your announcemen
  • ts about events of interest to language learners in the News Forum
  • Set up a section in another language (email the "teacher")

What else can you think of?

To participate in this project, email laurel.holmstrom@sonoma.edu and ask to be added to the Language Community Moodle site. Once you have been added, you will have access to add your information, participate in the discussion board, introduce yourself with the “glossary” function and search for others who speak your language(s).

We hope this database is used to enrich the language experience at SSU!

–Laurel Holmstrom
Academic Senate Analyst
Sonoma State University