After 23 Years Pam Su is Still on the CSU Journey

Why do we applaud Pam Su? Oh, let's count the ways. Pam has given her all to the Director of Campus Rec for almost 23 years. During her time at SSU, there have been countless contributions to this university from her brilliant efforts. First and foremost, the Recreation Center that we know and love would be much different. Pam and a group of talented students began the referendum process to construct the building and offer many enriching programs and services. The project went so well that, the Recreation Center was named an award winner for 2005 by the National Intramural Recreational Sports Association (Nirsa) which designates the top new and recently renovated projects in the nation as Outstanding Sports Facilities. The project was recognized for its design, function, sustainability, and service to the community. Pam Su is the reason that SSU is so respected in the Nirsa and amongst many Student and Academic Affairs Professionals.

She constantly contributes to the many associations through her leadership positions and involvement in many areas of the profession. Inclusivity, sustainability, and wellness are concepts that this incredible recreation professional leads and embraces in everything that she does. Developing students and professional by, "putting them in the driver's seat" is the philosophy that has contributed to the success and development of strong-willed, innovative, motivated, creative, and organized individuals. Her heart is full of selfless service and her mind filled with innovation. Her fun and playful spirit will remain forever in so many individuals that she has come in contact with. There is a long line of people that will do anything for this exceptional being. She fights for what is right and teaches how to advocate for one's beliefs in a professional and respectful manner, especially in the face of adversity. Even when times are tough, Pam seems to find some way to "stay on that high road". Pam Su is a true inspiration, a blessing and a joy to be around. She has accepted the Directorship at San Francisco State University. We are sure that she will continue to deliver high quality recreation programs and services.

Here is what one student has said about her, "Whether it was the late nights, early mornings, and weekends spent mentoring me, or the selfless acts of kindness travelling hundreds of miles to be with Campus Rec family in a time of need, Pam is second to none. I hope others continue to be guided by your sincerity and truth, and you are able to share your wisdom as the needs of students continue to evolve". - Daniel Cardenas

And another, "she is the original founder of Outdoor Pursuits. She also lead the initiative to dedicate a small student fee to remodel, operate and maintain the original campus fitness center for student access. Then there is the endless energy spent alongside her students developing a comprehensive intramural sports program. All, long before there was any hope for a Rec Center on campus. As the visionary behind that project, she inspired the process but in true Pam Su fashion kept her distance and allowed the students to mold it and lead it. We learned so much about sustainability and green building design through that process. When it opened in 2004, the Recreation Center was one of the first in the CSU and set the standard for facility design – it still sets the standard for sustainable building design. Four rec centers later and that is still the most beautiful one on LPA's resume. There is a reason they use it in all of their marketing – pride and joy. She takes the student employee experience to a level that surpasses most of our peers, challenging the students to make true and lasting contributions to the development and operation of their facility/department/program (at all levels of employment) in turn embarking on a path of self-discovery. She has mentored dozens of students that have evolved into talented recreation and student affairs professionals. I am convinced her sixth sense is identifying these individuals and helping them find their path. I thank the Universe every day for leading me to Pam Su and I know I am not the only one. Her practices in sustainability and risk management (especially for Sport Clubs) have impacted policy CSU system-wide as well as NIRSA/industry-wide. It is hard to imagine SSU without Pam Su but I am so excited that she has decided to embark on this journey and share her leadership with another CSU. I can't imagine a greater legacy than that of Pamela Su's contributions to SSU. " - Krista Smith

She will be truly missed at SSU and her "gentle and caring" spirit will sustain forever, in all that she has graced. We wish her well at San Francisco State University.

- Ryan Fitzpatrick, Coordinator of Fitness Programs