You Shared. We Listened.

With the help of Sonoma State University's faculty and staff (yes, we mean you). WorkPlace has begun making improvements over the course of the summer, and we are not done yet. Continue Reading 'You Shared. We Listened'

Oscar Grant Family Attorney Discusses Race and Due Process

Oscar Grant's family attorney, John Burris, discusses "Oscar Grant and Trayvon Martin: Intersection of Race and Due Process" at noon on Wednesday, August 28 in the Evert B. Person Theatre. The presentation is free and open to the public. Continue Reading 'Oscar Grant Family Attorney Discusses Race and Due Process'

Dr. Brantley Bryant Receives Excellence in Education Award

"Studying literature is good for you," says Brantley Bryant, associate professor of English at Sonoma State. Happily for his students, it is also quite fun. In the classroom, Bryant celebrates what he calls "the unique weirdness of the University." Continue Reading 'Dr. Brantley Bryant Receives Excellence in Education Award'

CropMobster's Fight Against Hunger

Nick Papadopoulos and Joanna Cedar, two Sonoma State University alumni are the brainchildren of CropMobster – a resource used by social media channels and even the old standby telephone tree to get surplus produce from farmers, grocers and restaurants to those who are in need. Continue Reading 'CropMobster's Fight Against Hunger'

Campus Dialogue Team

The Hutchins Dialogue Center is co-sponsoring leadership training with the Sustained Dialogue. Campus Network for a select group of SSU's student leaders. Continue Reading 'Campus Dialogue Team'


With the start of a new semester many faculty and staff are busy helping others. See someone in your or perhaps another department doing something great? Click here to nominate them for an Applause Award.

A Name Behind the Title

Emily Hostutler, Alumn and Research Coordinator

Emily Hostutler was hired this February as a Research Coordinator for the NoGap/McNair Scholars program. Continue Reading 'A Face to the Title'

Call Out

Mozart Requiem Auditions Open to Community Singers

"Fiddler on the Roof" Auditions Open to Community


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