Oscar Grant Family Attorney Discusses Race and Due Process, August 28

Oscar Grant's family attorney, John Burris, discusses "Oscar Grant and Trayvon Martin: Intersection of Race and Due Process" at noon on Wednesday, Aug. 28 in the Evert B. Person Theatre. The presentation is free and open to the public.

Burris is an accomplished civil rights lawyer who most recently represented the family of Oscar Grant who was fatally shot by a BART police officer in 2009.

He has also served as counsel for the class action lawsuit involving the Oakland Police Department Riders, a group of OPD officers accused of planting evidence and false arrests amongst other charges.

Burris says his work against the Oakland Police Department has led to continuing reforms within the department. He has also provided legal support for Barry Bonds, Tupac Shakur, as well as numerous public officials like former San Francisco Chief of Police Earl Sanders.Known as a civil rights and legal analyst for MSNBC, Court TV, and CNN, as well as for other local television and radio stations, he has recently published the book "Blue vs. Black: Let's End the Conflict between Police and Minorities."

This presentation is part of the new Africana Lecture Series sponsored by SSU's American Multicultural Studies Department.

For further information, contact Christina Baker, Assistant Professor of American Multicultural Studies, christina.baker@sonoma.edu.