You Shared. We Listened.

With the help of Sonoma State University's faculty and staff
(yes, we mean you). WorkPlace has begun making improvements over the course of the summer, and we are not done yet. Last spring, WorkPlace sent out a survey asking readers how useful the publication was to them as well as suggestions on what can be improved upon. Questions ranging from what type of content faculty and staff would like to read, to what additional features should be incorporated were all taken under consideration.

The survey conducted once a year, allows the editors to analyze the publication and gain insight into what the readers are looking for within each published edition. Understanding that time is of the essence in the "workplace" we gave a little incentive to the individuals who participated.

Three randomly chosen employees each won WolfBuck cards. Elisa Velsaquez Andrade, Director of Diversity, Janet Swing, Academic Advisor, and Brian Orr, Internal Auditor were the winners. Congratulations once again!

This exclusive outlet for employees to read gives the opportunity for faculty and staff to not only understand and see what each other are doing within the campus but share who they are and give a face to the name behind the title. One of the aspects to WorkPlace that we are looking to expand upon is getting to know our colleagues. Many shared that they do not know what others are doing, that is why each month we are featuring employee profiles. This is where you can toot your own horn and share what you are doing for the campus and provide information about yourself and perhaps things you are striving to accomplish campus wide.

WorkPlace will continue to transform into a more recognizable publication and facilitate your needs and interests. We welcome you to the new school year and invite you to submit stories, events, or biographies to share for the next WorkPlace edition. Continue to look out for the developing changes.


Casey Marshall, WorkPlace Editor

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Deadline for next issue is August 27th.