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Request for Proposals GMC and Academic Integration Projects

The University has allocated $100,000 for academic year 2013-2014 to fund projects that will build and showcase academic interaction with the Green Music Center in novel and exciting ways. The scope of projects is deliberately broad to allow for creative proposals that go beyond using the GMC as a standard lecture theatre, although funding a unique lecture series is well within the scope of this RFP.

Projects that reach out to many of our students, or lead to transformative changes within the University, are welcome, as are projects involving the community or K–12 schools. However, applicants are reminded that the overriding goal is to fund proposals that demonstrate tangible connections between the academic program and the GMC.

This is an open and competitive process requesting submissions from tenured and tenure–track faculty. Lecturers, staff and students can be co–authors; however, the Principal Investigator must be a faculty member. Proposals should be a maximum of two pages (11 pt. font or larger) and should include a description of the project, the expected outcomes and a budget. The proposals will be reviewed by the GMC University Affairs Committee, which is co–chaired by the Chair of the Faculty's designee and the President of the Associated Students, and has faculty membership from all academic Schools and the University Library.

While acknowledging the tight timeline, the committee is looking for projects that can be completed by the end of Academic Year 2014.

Projects in the range $10,000 to $25,000 can be funded. There is no additional funding for programs that run over budget, so accuracy in budgeting for all required components is crucial. An itemized budget is required with the application.

• Significance of impact on students' educational experience

• Degree of integration of the GMC with the academic program

• Impact of project beyond the year of funding

• Clarity of objectives, plan, budget, and timeline

• Availability of needed resources

• Likelihood of completion, including relevant background of proposer

The Committee will attempt to fund projects across a wide spectrum of the curriculum.

Submissions should be sent to Richard Senghas by Monday, September 30, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. The committee will announce the successful plans of action by early October. We acknowledge that describing complex projects within a two page submission might be difficult. The committee requests that applicants be available during the first week of October to answer committee questions via email or phone.