Applause Awards

Catharyn Hatcher-England, Extended and International Education

Cathy is always willing to help with whatever tasks are at hand. As a marketing specialist, Cathy creates visual identities for EXCEL, OLLI and many other Extended Ed programs that make us all look good and help us to be successful. She took over administrative duties for the OLLI program during a time of transition, helped design a successful summer program, and produces the annual OLLI donor recognition luncheon. She does her job quietly, with grace, courtesy and integrity. Thank you Cathy!

Nominated by Alison Marks, Excel Director, September 18, 2013

Ashley Amador, Student Records and Amanda McGowan, CMS

As we become more reliant on electronic tools for Academic Advising it is important to students that these tools are as accurate and up to date as possible. I applaud Ashley and Amanda for their roles in keeping Articulation and CMS systems as current and precise as possible. As an Advisor, every time I see a glitch in a student record, or see something that seems like a system anomaly, Ashley and/or Amanda know how to answer my question or will fix the problem - often correcting the irregularity before I am even able respond to a student query. I enjoy working with such highly accomplished professionals.

— Nominated by Janet Swing, Academic Advising October 3, 2013