Campus-wide Electrical Shutdown

Facilities Management is planning an electrical shutdown scheduled Dec. 26 beginning at 6:00 a.m. with electrical power coming back up no later than the evening of Dec. 29. All efforts are directed toward the goal of a two day shutdown Dec. 26 and 27, but planning must be in place for the worst case of four days Dec. 26 through Dec. 29.

This shutdown will impact campus telephone and campus internet.

To prepare each office or residence for the shutdown please ensure the following:

  • Equipment must be powered down completely prior to Dec. 26. Turn power completely off, including the monitor button. It is recommended to switch off power strips for an extra level of safety.
  • Turn off uninterruptable power supplies (UPSĀ¹s) as the batteries will only carry the loads for a few hours, at best, before they are depleted and equipment shutoffs anyway.
  • Remove perishables and defrost refrigerators and freezers (see below for more detail).

The December shutdown MAY impact internet services external to the campus. As a contingency, please anticipate that internet services will be unavailable for these two, possibly four day period and make adjustments to online class participation, grade inputs, etc. as necessary. If service is working during this time, save your work OFTEN as we cannot guarantee the web site will operate continuously.


All refrigerators/freezers will defrost and reach ambient temperatures. Take perishables home and even consider turning off refrigeration equipment on Dec. 18 or earlier so the morning of the Dec. 19 any water can be cleaned up so it does not create water damage or mold and become an issue upon return from the holiday closure. The only exception is the Student Center having three large walk-in coolers on emergency power.

During the shutdown:

Emergency lighting is only enough lighting to safely exit buildings and only last a couple hours. During this period of time there will be no heating, air circulation or lighting in most locations. This time was selected to minimize the impact, but for such an extensive shutdown some impacts will be unavoidable.

Unless there is a critical function to perform related to this campus work or an operation on campus emergency power that must be monitored, do not come to campus. Most areas will be dark, cold and will not have internet or phone service, which makes it unpleasant and unsafe.

Please do not contact Police Services for general outage questions as they will be very busy monitoring campus buildings.

This work is critical to repair two 12kV connections and avoid a catastrophic failure that would take down campus electricity for a much greater period of time than this planned work.