Meet University Development

With the spring semester underway, WorkPlace continues to strive for success. This internal publication across campus is an outlet for the faculty and staff to not only familiarize themselves with activities and news but also become more acquainted with the employees. WorkPlace wanted to take this idea one step further, every month WorkPlace will pick a department on campus to feature. This is a way for others on campus to learn about each department, which in turn, allows for opportunities and relationships to grow. WorkPlace welcomes you to read the first "Meet the Department" of the 2014-year.

University Development fosters engagement with the University and is committed to actively building relationships between the University and its constituents to strengthen awareness, involvement, pride and financial support for Sonoma State University.

University Development can be reached at x4-2712 or

From left to right - Arcelia Sandoval Cabrera, Anne Biasi, Sue Riley, Sara Golightly, Laurie Ogg, Michelle Covington, and Erik Greeny