Social Media Support for Faculty

Faculty Affairs is very excited to share a wonderful opportunity to quickly and easily learn more about how to use Social Media effectively in one's teaching and professional life.

To receive the Social Media Tip of the Week via email from Merith Weisman, Social Media Coordinator, click here.

About half the tips focus on Facebook, and the other half focus on different Social Media channels or concepts. These tips help faculty better understand Social Media so they can represent their department and the University, while also providing an excellent model for students. Example tips include:

  • The importance of not linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • How to keep up with comments
  • How to hide your birthday on Facebook
  • How to add and take away administrative access
  • How to use your privacy settings
  • Information to help you keep up with changes to channels
  • Much more!

Have any questions or ideas for a tip? Send them to