Paying Tribute to Coordinator Leigh Jordan

This month, we at the Northwest Information Center, say a fond farewell to Leigh Jordan, Coordinator of the NWIC The NWIC is part of the School of Social Sciences and its three main functions are to (1) archive historical resource records and reports; (2) provide access to the historical resource information, either through staff-generated records searches or through direct access ; and (3) provide public education by offering student internships and tours as well as through formal and informal presentations to members of the general public regarding historical resources and the various regulatory context under which under which these resources are considered. Leigh is only the second coordinator of the NWIC and has headed it for almost 20 years. She has also been an employee of Sonoma State University for 28 years.

"Leigh has fearlessly led this lesser known SSU center through various office moves, structural, political and economic upheavals and has helped to educate countless numbers of students as they worked to become professionals and helped guide the NWIC into the largest Information Center in California, providing access to historical resource information for 18 counties across California," says Ashlee Cabral of the Northwest Information Center.

Raised in Upper Manhattan, Leigh went to El Camino High School in Sacramento.She then earned her undergraduate degree from San Francisco State University and moved up to Sebastopol in the early 1970s. She began working with Dave Fredrickson at SSU's Cultural Resources Facility in the Anthropological Studies Center in the 1980s. She then received her M.A. in Cultural Resources Management from Sonoma State in 1995 and later that same year became Coordinator for the Northwest Information Center.

Upon her retirement, Leigh is looking forward to working on various archeological projects, spending time gardening or writing poetry, and enjoying time with her daughter and son and her two grandchildren.

"We will always be thankful for Leigh’s guidance and leadership over the years and wish her the best for an enjoyable and well-deserved retirement," says Ashlee Cabral of the Northwest Information Center."

A retirement celebration for Leigh is set for Saturday, March 1. For information, contact Bryan Much,