Sonoma International Teaching Experience (SITE) Certificate in Effect for Fall 2014

This interdisciplinary certificate program will contribute to enhancing the global dimension of a liberal arts and science education at Sonoma State University in the 21st century. The SITE Certificate is designed to bring international students into the campus community as an integral part of the making Sonoma State a place where students become global citizens both at home and abroad, as they learn to participate in an ever more interconnected, diverse and complex world. This program offers a unique and innovative focus, incorporating the teacher education mission of the CSU into Sonoma States’ liberal arts and science education, and placing linguistic and cultural diversity at the core of the students’ learning experience. Students currently enrolled at SSU, who are exceptionally proficient in French, German, or Spanish, may also be considered for this program.

This two-semester interdisciplinary certificate program is designed to prepare speakers of French, German and Spanish to teach foreign and/or heritage languages.

Each year, the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures will recruit a small cohort of motivated exchange students who are interested in becoming language teachers. Participants will enroll in MLL 450: Foreign Language Teaching Seminar for 4 units. As an integral component of this course, they will act as a peer facilitator for small groups of language learners (4-8 students) enrolled in French, German or Spanish language courses.

In addition, participants will take courses in teacher education and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in the School of Education, as well as courses in the English Department.

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