A German Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA)

A German Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) is expected on campus in the Fall of 2014. For the second time now, SSU is part of the prestigious FLTA program. Some may remember meeting Meike Fritz, the vivacious German FLTA who contributed so much to academic programs and residential life during the 2011-2012 academic year. Dr. Michaela Grobbel, who secured IRA funding and convinced other entities on campus to match the students' investment in internationalizing the campus through hosting an FLTA, is now in the final process of ranking the five candidates who have applied for the SSU position next fall. The chosen candidate will arrive in August. He or she assist the German students in their language classes or labs, organize German-language events, serving not only the German Program, but also the campus at large. The FLTA will organize various cross-cultural events on up-to-date international topics that will go beyond a mere German focus. As in the past, she will work together with the Office of Residential Life, the Hutchins Dialogue Center, the HUB, ASP, International Programs, and the Department of Modern Languages. At least two of these events will be organized in the form of a debate or critical discussion, which proved very successful in 2011. By living in the residential halls and also offering events there, such as cultural presentations, including cooking sessions, the new FLTA will offer U.S. students not familiar with other languages and cultures a chance to get together with a native speaker of a non-US culture, therefore adding to the SSU students' experience of cultural and linguistic diversity.The FLTA will represent a "real" link to the German culture for those SSU students who are not able to study abroad.

PHOTO: Dr. Grobbel and the Swiss Consul during the FLTA welcome reception in Prelude, in 2011 (left)
former FLTA, Meike Fritz (right).