CANDEL Alumni Present Research at Northern California Educational Leadership Forum

In February, faculty, students, and alumni of the Sonoma State and UC Davis joint Capital Area North Doctorate in Educational Leadership (CANDEL) program participated in and presented research at the first annual Northern California Educational Leadership Research Symposium.

The symposium was sponsored by a consortium of five California State University Educational Leadership Doctoral Programs in Northern California: CSU Sacramento, CSU Stanislaus, CSU East Bay, Sonoma State University / UC Davis and San Francisco State University. The symposium's goal is to promote a culture of inquiry among faculty and students across the CSU Educational Leadership programs. It also provided and opportunity for an exchange of views with practitioners in the field about findings and recommendations of doctoral dissertations completed this past year.

The following CANDEL alumni presented research in areas ranging from closing the achievement gap to expanding higher education access and providing support to P-12 students, teachers and leaders:

  • Nelda Mackey (Sacramento Unified School District): High School Counselors Caseload Assignment Models: Counselors Voices about What Works and Why
  • Daniel Zaich (Marin County Office of Education): Parents' Expectations with School Choice
  • Cara Mendoza (Fairfield Unified School District): The Effects of the Layoff Process on K-12 Teachers: How Do Multiple Years of Layoff Notices Affect Teacher Attitude, Persistence, and Practice
  • Margaret Williams (Sierra Community College): “Why Can’t We Get More Minority Applicants for Our Openings?” African American Leadership at Rural and Least Culturally Diverse Community College Administrators: Staying or Leaving
  • Steven Crow (Southwestern College): The Significance of the Transfer Mission of the California Community Colleges
  • Joseph Darin (San Diego Community College): An Examination of the Persistent Recommendation to Grant the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Greater Authority and the Reactions of Stakeholders to This Recommendation
  • Jennifer McKinnon (Siskiyou Union High School District): Policy as Paradigm: An Organizational Theory Perspective of No Child Left Behind. Dr. McKinnon’s dissertation recently received Honorable Mention in Division A (Administration) at the American Educational Research Associations Annual Meeting.
  • Paula Lane, faculty member facilitated a session entitled: Governance, Accreditation, and Internationalization Policies
  • Viki Montera, CANDEL co-director and faculty member, also facilitated a session entitled The Future for Community College Leaders

The CANDEL joint doctoral program draws students from throughout the northern California area. Students come from P-12 schools, community colleges, four-year institutions, and non-profit agencies involved in educational policies and programs.

Dr. Cara Mendoza, Coordinator of Staff Development for the Fairfield Suisun Unified School District,
Dr. Margaret Williams, Chair and Professor of Communication, Sierra Community College, Sacramento,
Dr. Steven Crow, Vice-President, Business and Financial Affairs, Southwestern Community College, San Diego