A Farewell to SSU

Fall 2009 was the year I entered Sonoma State University as a freshman. I would have never imaged all the opportunities I have experienced throughout my five years at this University.

From being a student in Communication Studies, to a marketing intern at The School of Business and Economics to a college graduate and employee in the University Affairs Division, I have come full circle.

Within this past year as a full-time staff member I can reflect back on the growth and achievements I have made. Many are thanks to you. To the faculty that invested their time in me, to the staff that I was fortunate enough to meet, and to the friends that encouraged, motivated and saw my full potential when sometimes I did not; I thank you.

I have truly grown at this University; however, it is now time for a new journey. I have decided my next move is San Diego, a city that I was born and raised in and a city that I am anxious to learn more about. I am unsure all that awaits me, but I have since discovered that I don’t need to know all the answers. Perhaps it is spending these past five years in an educational system where learning and actively seeking information is necessary – I can tell each of you that I have never been more motivated to seek answers and to learn, then at this point in my life.

My real goal with WorkPlace was to create a bond between colleagues. Have it be a place to learn about others and share achievements with co-workers. The intimacy of a University can be lost as there are thousands of us, but this publication represents a place all can go to seek information and have a common understanding of what’s happening. I urge each of you to continue to submit, continue to share achievements within your departments and continue to reach out. We’re all here for the same purpose, we believe in this institution.

WorkPlace has truly been a pleasure to be apart of and I thank each of you reading this right now. All the email submissions, interviews and photos (which yes, I know many were not too enthusiastic about) thank you for making this publication what it is today.

My last day is officially June 13, so this is the last WorkPlace issue that will have my name on it. It’s bittersweet but I am excited for what’s to come, not only on my end but also at Sonoma State University. This University has grown tremendously since I was a student and I know that it will continue to excel in the years to come.

I wish each of you the best. Whether I know you or not, continue doing your best while making this campus all it can be.

Casey Marshall
WorkPlace, Editor