Applause Awards

Arcelia Cabrera

Daniel Kizirian

Facilities Management

I would like to recognize Daniel Kizirian for his tenacity and determination in regard to our display case lighting. It turned out to be an issue with the transformer and combined with the large size and cramped conditions of the display case, that complicated things. However, Dan and his colleague, Frank, resolved the issue quickly. Thanks so much for overcoming all obstacles so efficiently and graciously!

- Nominated by Julie Dinkins, March 03, 2016

Hope Ortiz

Office of the Dean, School of Extended Education

Hope has been a tremendous advocate for our DREAMers program here on campus. She has given a lot of her time to learn how to serve this student population. Most recently, when the club found itself in a financial crisis, she reached out to her networks to find support. As the advisor of the club, I thank her for taking time out of her busy schedule to do this. Also, as a colleague I see the importance of taking time to be an advocate for a group of students that don't always have a home away from home. Thank you Hope for opening your networks and your office to assist my students.

- Nominated by Mariana G. Martinez, March 04, 2016

The Applause Award program provides all members of our community with the ability to nominate an individual or group of staff, administrators, faculty or student staff who demonstrates behavior which exemplifies performance related to the program criteria. This is a public way to thank someone that has made a difference in your work life. Your nomination will be posted on WorkPlace and on the main Employment Services site with a picture, and the nominee will receive a certificate of recognition.

Examples of when an applause award may be appropriate:
• Goes beyond the call of duty
• Assists without being asked
• Completes a task in a manner that allows others to more easily complete their work
• Performs exemplary work or support for a special event or campus function

How to Nominate
Take five minutes to complete the Applause Nomination (Seawolf ID required) form and submit it. Nominations are accepted year-round.