Online Handouts for Faculty

These handouts are offered to support faculty and help them to think richly about what it means to teach writing or to teach with writing.

Plagiarism: Helping Students Avoid It
Plagiarism: What Is It?
Helping Students Avoid Plagiarism
Developing Plagiarism-Proof Assignments
Handling the Paper Load
Handling the Paper Load and Evaluating Student Writing
Strategies for Effective Responding to Students' Papers
Embracing Contrary Roles in Evaluating Writing: Some Tips to Make Evaluation Easier
Using Writing to Facilitate Students' Learning
Basic Principles of Writing-to-Learn Assignments
Constructing Good Writing-to-Learn Assignments
Collections of Sample Assignments
Well-Crafted Assignments for Informal Assignments
Well-Crafted Assignments for Formal Assignments
How Can We Help Students Write Better?
Helping Students Achieve Correctness

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