Gerard D.

Gerard is a fourth-year English major with a focus on creative writing. He reads frequently and is often found looming the school's halls throughout the day looking like a zombie. But don't worry, he's dead on the inside too. Besides submitting to the crippling pressures of adulthood, Gerard also enjoys fun things like intramural sports, HBO shows, and his eight-year-old-little-boy Shih Tzu named Cooper. He hopes to one day write for children's shows and movies which is in no way creepy or disappointing to his father. He is currently Writing for the Sonoma State STAR and works at the on-campus Writing Center as a tutor and a member of the desk staff. If you ever come across him while he's working or simply in passing on campus, you're more than welcome to ask a few questions regarding writing. Or you can run. He'll understand.