Gillian E.

I'm Gillian (preferred pronoun "she"). I am a lifetime Sonoma County resident, mom to two teenagers, and in the last year (I hope!) of my MA program, with a focus on rhetoric/English education. What I will do once I finish that up remains unclear at the moment! While this is my first year in the Writing Center, I've been a writing tutor for the past several years, and I really enjoy working with students one-on-one. I also work with EOP students in writing and have taught English 100A/B in the past. Outside of the W.C., I work with 4th graders and in retail. In my spare time, I love to read, draw, garden, hike, cook, watch movies (I prefer period pieces and action flicks) and homeschool my kids. I also consider myself, these days, to be somewhat of an activist, so you'll often find me penning letters to those with more power. Come by the Writing Center and work with me!