Gwyneth S.

Hi all, my name is Gwyneth. I am second year Biology student and I plan on becoming a Registered Nurse. Please do not be fooled by my choice of major, there is the other half of me that deeply wants to be an English major and always wants to talk about books, poetry, prose, themes, and authors all day; I am drawn to jazz like spontaneous prose and literature that explore self-understanding and acceptance. As you can tell, I have a pretty scattered mind and I have a broad view of interests; that being said, my goal is to provide a chill environment for you to explore your ideas and writing voice and style. I will be here to help and talk to you to let your ideas flow. I enjoy and focus more on the big picture portions of writing, such as organization and idea synthesis. Aside from that, if there is one thing you should know about me is that I absolutely adore dogs, pit bulls in particular. So, if you would like to show me any dog pictures, dog stories, or even better, bringing in an actual dog, please do. In the future, I plan to rescue at least one pit bull or pit bull mix and live in Kaua’I, because what is nothing is better than chilling out all day with your best friend? Also, I am from Milpitas, CA. I listen to mainly alternative rock, R&B, and hip hop; as of now, I am currently listening to SZA, Princess Nokia, and Solange, but my artist phases change frequently and I am always down to talk about music. Well, that is all there really is to me, see you in the Writing Center or around campus.