Zach E.

This is Zach’s second year working as both a MAP Tutor and a Lead Tutor. His previous tutoring experience includes four years of teaching Literacy and Phonics throughout Sonoma County to ELL students in grades K-12. He strongly believes in meeting the individual learning needs of each student so that each can have the best learning experience. Very organized, consistent, and a great listener, Zach wants to help students to feel more confident in their reading and writing abilities. In addition to tutoring at SSU, he also tutors high school students for success in the ACT/SAT tests at a Learning Center. As a recent graduate from Sonoma State University, earning his B.A in English: Single Subject Teaching, Zach has continued on as an SSU student in the Credential Program. His long-term goals are to be an English teacher, and he is determined to graduate in the spring of 2018 with an English, History, and Political Science teaching credential. While music, film, poetry, writing and reading are his passions, being a teacher and helping students means more to him. He is very artistic and enjoys conversing about these subjects whenever possible. If he is not here working with students, you can find him in nature enjoying the redwoods. He is very excited to help everyone at the Writing Center and looks forward to working with you!